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How to Raise a Smart Snacker

As defined in my forthcoming book, The Smart Mom’s Guide to Healthy Snacking, a smart snacker is a child who knows which combination of foods to choose for a snack, and how, when, and where to eat it to satisfy not only his appetite but his cravings and enjoyment.

A smart snacker also knows that indulgent snacks are okay, and knows how to balance them in the overall diet.

How do you raise a smart snacker when we live in a world full of sweets, treats, busy schedules, and lots of obligations?

Living in a world where instant gratification is a primary result that we’re all looking for, it can be a big challenge for families.

How to Raise a Smart Snacker

Snacks have evolved over time, and today we’re in a tough place. We enjoy all these foods and products; they’re here because we have created a demand for them, but we also blame the snacking industry for the detrimental effects that snacking is having on our children’s health.

Join me this week as I discuss the ways our children are snacking, and how we, as parents, can establish healthy habits around snacking. I’m sharing why we have such a love-hate relationship with snacks, and what to do when our children prefer snacks to the healthy meals we make.

As parents, learning more about the issues our children face can enable us to raise a child who knows how to snack well. That’s what I’m talking about in this episode!

“Snacks can derail your child’s growth and development, so it’s really important that parents have a handle on how to make the right decisions around snacking, so that they can raise a smart snacker.” Click To Tweet

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What You’ll Learn About Raising a Smart Snacker:

  • How to guide your child toward healthy snacking.
  • Why snacking is such a difficult thing to contend with.
  • How to raise a child who knows how to snack well.
  • What the SNACKSMART acronym stands for.
  • Why our kids are so preoccupied with snacks.

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