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Healthy Snacks: Satisfy Hunger with 3 Key Nutrients

I’ve talked about snacking a couple times on the show, and this week I’m sharing the building blocks for creating nutritious, interesting, and satiating snacks for your kids. We know that the when and the where of healthy snacking play a role in how filling snacks can be, but the nutrients in those snacks are just as important.

In this short and sweet episode, I describe three key nutrients – fiber, protein, and fat – and share how you can build snacks around them that your kids will love. Healthy snacking can help with appetite regulation and boost the number of nutrients your child gets over the course of the day.

“When kids are snacking on healthy, wholesome, nutritious food, we automatically add more nutrients to the diet. Kids need, over the course of a day, about 40 different nutrients. And snacking really can help with appetite regulation.” -… Click To Tweet

To wrap up this episode, I share a couple of my favorite snack ideas that incorporate all three of these nutrients for the ultimate in healthy snacking. Luckily, you don’t even need to do that much with every snack; as long as one of these key nutrients are included and the snack incorporates two or three food groups, your kids will be benefitting nutritionally and enjoying snack time. Tune in below!

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What You’ll Learn from this Episode:

  • Several of the key benefits of healthy snacking.
  • How strategic snacking on wholesome foods can help add nutrients to your child’s diet that they might have missed at other meals.
  • Examples of snacks that contain fiber, protein, and fat, and some of my favorite healthy snacking combinations.
  • How to target one of these nutrients and build a filling snack around it.
  • Why a “mini-meal mentality” will help keep snacks interesting and emotionally satisfying for kids.
  • Why you should opt for healthy whole foods for snacks that showcase these ingredients.

Listen to the Full Episode:

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