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Establishing a Parenting Partnership with Whitney Casares

In this episode, Whitney Casares talks about the importance of parenting partnership, particularly around the idea of feeding kids and getting into alignment with partnerships, from the types of foods to the interactions we have.

Furthermore, she shares the goal of selective mediocrity, so you can identify the places where you can get things done even though they may not be perfect. In other words, you can keep it super simple and easy.

Whitney discusses what makes the Working Mom Blueprint book so valuable to moms who want to set priorities, cultivate self-care, establish equal parenting partnerships, and delegate when appropriate.

Moreover, she shares some tips to working moms and single moms who do not have balance yet and do not feel constrained by job demands.

In addition, she talks about the importance of alignment for parents who come from different feeding backgrounds. In contrast, Whitney shares her advice with parents who are not agreeing and not aligned with each other.

This interview with Whitney will surely help you if you want parenting partnership work in your family. Listen to this episode now!

Whitney Casares is a private-practice pediatrician, an AAP Published Author, Podcast Host, and mom to two young girls in Portland, Oregon. She is the founder of where she helps working moms break the cycle of burnout in parenting and shift their focus to their own health and well-being so they can create a sense of balance that fosters greater joy in every area of their lives.

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What You’ll Learn About Establishing a Parenting Partnership [with Modern Mommy Doc]:

  • A day in the life of being a working mom
  • What selective mediocrity is all about
  • Details about the Working Mom Blueprint book
  • Advice for working moms who don’t have balance yet
  • Pointers to parents who came from different feeding backgrounds
  • Advice for parents who are not aligned to each other
  • Recommendation to working moms

Listen to the Show:

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Establishing a Parenting Partnership [with Modern Mommy Doc]

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