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Cooking with the Family [Lacey Mauritz]

Do you want to know how to make cooking with the family successful? Do you want to know how to use nursery rhymes to teach your children how to prepare their food?

In this episode, Lacey Mauritz talks about how to prepare food with your children using nursery rhymes so you can make cooking with your family a fun experience.

She shares how she developed recipes by connecting them to nursery rhymes and how she came up with an innovative and creative cookbook that stands out in the market.

Lacey reminds us of the benefits of cooking with children from a nutrition point of view as well as how these benefits help in the learning development of children.

This episode is filled with creative ideas that will surely help you if you want to make cooking with the family a success. Listen to this episode now!

Lacey Mauritz is an American Registered Dietitian Nutritionist and author of cookbooks and nutrition books. She is also a food-loving wife and mom who is ultra-passionate about child and family nutrition.

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What You’ll Learn About Cooking in the Family:

  • What makes Lacey’s cookbook so creative and innovative
  • How to make cooking with family successful as a result of connecting rhymes to recipes
  • Why food preparation with children is so beneficial to them
  • Certainly challenging rhymes to come up with recipes
  • What makes Lacey’s tips for parents who don’t have patience cooking with their children so important

Listen to the Show:

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Cooking with the Family with Lacey Mauritz

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