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Beat the Short-Order Cook Syndrome

short order cook syndrome

Could you be suffering from the Short-Order Cook Syndrome
Do you make more than one meal at night to accommodate the varying preferences of your family? A back-up meal (or an alternate dish) whenever your child won’t eat, or refuses to eat what’s on your table?
If this sounds like you, you may have fallen into the Short-Order Cook Syndrome. Listen in for tips and strategies to beat it without losing your time, patience and sanity.

What You Will Learn:

  • The signs and symptoms of the Short-Order Cook Syndrome
  • How the short-order cook syndrome plays out at meals and in the home
  • How picky eating encourages short-order cooking
  • The surprisingly rate of catering among parents of picky eaters
  • The why behind short-order cooking
  • The cruel reality of short-order cooking on your child’s food demands
  • The short- and long-term consequences of the short-order cook syndrome
  • What you can do instead and tips for overcoming it

What I Cover in this Episode:

  • Common motivations for short-order cooking
  • How short-order cooking disturbs the Division of Responsibility
  • Why nutrients get short-changed when you’re a short-order cook
  • How the short-order cook syndrome may damage your relationship with your family
  • How short-order cooking can prolong picky eating and keep your child stuck
  • The ways in which your child’s health may suffer
  • 8 different ways to overcome the short-order cook syndrome

Links I Mentioned in the Show:

Division of Responsibility
TNC 003: What’s Your Feeding Style?
The Kitchen is Closed
How to Overcome the Short-Order Cook Syndrome (Free Download included)
The Dinner Bar (check the archives as there are a bunch of ideas!)

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