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A Perspective on Snacking with Sally Kuzemchak


Snacking outside of the home can wreak havoc on your child’s healthy diet. In this episode, I talk with Sally Kuzemchak, the dietitian and blogger behind Real Mom Nutrition, about keeping it real and keeping a perspective on feeding kids, especially when it comes to snacking. Whether you’re worried about the sports fields, school or camp—you name it, Sally dishes out advice and highlights her new book, The Snacktivist’s Handbook.

Snacking outside of the home can wreak havoc on your child's healthy diet. Click To Tweet

What you will learn:

  • How to see the humor in everyday life, especially with feeding kids
  • How frustrating food and feeding moments can turn into a learning opportunity
  • Why food exposure for the typical picky eater is different from that of the extreme picky eater
  • How you may be using snacks unhealthfully (ie, for more than just nourishment)
  • How outside-of-the-home snacks can impair your child’s healthy diet
  • Why light-loading on food at the beginning of the day encourages back-loading calories and nutrition at the end of the day (not a good thing for appetite and eating)
  • What’s included in The Snacktivist’s Handbook (activism around snacks)
  • Ways in which YOU can become an activist and change outside-of-the-home snacks
  • How to create change around snacking in your community

What is covered in the episode:

  • Sally’s advice for keeping perspective
  • Why kids like junky foods (and it’s not because you have failed them somehow)
  • Embarrassing and humbling (but funny) moments with kids
  • What long-term food and eating goals should be (versus short-term focus)
  • The guacamole story
  • Sally’s own picky eating experiences when she was growing up
  • How problematic snacking got on Real Mom Nutrition’s radar
  • Sally’s pre-dinner snack routine
  • How snacking can fill up your child’s belly and interrupt meals
  • How RMN got involved in changing the snacking landscape on the sporting fields
  • Sally’s BIG lesson with spear-heading change

Links mentioned in this show:
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Parents Magazine “Scoop on Food” blog
Sally on Facebook 
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Teachable Tastes
Food Chaining book by Cheri Fraker
The Snacktivist’s Handbook (an e-book)

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