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Striking the Sugar Balance in Kids

sugar balance kids

Sweet temptations lurk everywhere—parents don’t stand a chance at striking a sugar balance with kids unless they have some strategies and boundaries in place. And, no, eliminating all sweets doesn’t work. But, I’m going to share with you what does work. Learn about the sugar balance for kids and how to strike it, along with some simple strategies to maintain sweets in the diet without wrecking it.
Eliminating all sweets doesn't work for kids, but having a strategy for them does. Click To Tweet

You Will Learn:

  • What a healthy food balance is, and how to plan for it at meals and snacks
  • The current guidelines on added sugar from the CDC, AHA and WHO
  • My easy rule for keeping sweets in check
  • Ways to cut down added sugar in your child’s diet, should you need to
  • My hierarchy of sweets
  • Why children are drawn to sweets

In this episode, I cover:

  • The amount of sugar recommended for adults and children on a daily basis
  • How to work in sweets so they stay in balance with your child’s healthy diet
  • How to use averages and flexibility when it comes to allowing sweets
  • Why it’s important to let your child have a say in which sweets he eats
  • Why food balance looks different for everyone
  • How restriction of sweets can backfire

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