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Are Team Snacks Fuel or Just for Fun? with Karla Reisch

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Is your child involved in sports? If so, you know that sometimes the opinions of parents and coaches differ about how to fuel the athletes. When I was an athlete, there was never encouragement to bring water or snacks to practice or games. Now, the appearance of sideline team snacks can be a downright unhealthy addition to your child’s experience.

My guest today is my dear friend Karla Reisch – a woman with three boys who all play soccer and ski avidly. As part of my Let’s Get Real series, we’re chatting about team snacks. Are they really helpful fuel for our young athletes, or are they just for fun and to keep kids a little more engaged in their sport?

“There was a time a time when my son had a Bomb Pop, a sports drink, and a bag of chips. Not only was it not necessary, it interfered with dinner and food intake.” - Karla Reisch Click To Tweet

Join us on the podcast this week as we discuss how the snacking landscape has changed over the years, how we should be fueling our athletes, and whether our kids are actually interested in snacking or not. Sometimes it can feel like we’re the only one who has these thoughts, but you are not alone here.

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What You’ll Learn about Team Snacks:

  • How snacking for sports has changed over the decades.
  • Why team snacks have become the norm.
  • The effects of excessive snacks during sporting events.
  • How kids perceive the presence of snacks at sports events and practice.
  • What differences exist between snacks at higher and lower-level sports.
  • How food impacts a child’s mood.
  • Why some parents are afraid to bring this subject up publically.

Listen to the Full Episode:

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