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TNC 066: Make Dinner in Record Time

smart meal prep for beginners Toby Amidor
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Making dinner is one of those jobs that, as a parent, is impossible to avoid – not that we necessarily want to. But between work, traveling, and dealing with kids, it’s easy to feel stress and even resentment around having to prepare dinner.
Hopefully what I have in store this week will help with some of the negativity that comes up around a rushed dinner time. My guest is Toby Amidor – a registered dietitian, recipe developer, and the author of Smart Meal Prep for Beginners, a book designed to help busy parents out by ensuring a time-effective way of nourishing their family properly.
“Believe me, there’s times where people do not handle their food correctly and that can lead to illness. But there’s a lot of times, with these use-by dates, the food is thrown away way too soon.” – Toby Amidor Click To Tweet
Toby is with us to share her wisdom, practical tips, and shortcuts to help us all reframe our mindset on making dinner. Tune in this week to discover the cookbook and guide Smart Meal Prep for Beginners and how to make dinner in record time, every time. Toby and I are discussing the virtues of preparing, scheduling, and time management when it comes to mealtimes.
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What You’ll Learn about Smart Meal Prep for Beginners:

  • The importance of simple recipes for busy families.
  • Toby’s useful tips for a stress-free weekly food shop.
  • How Toby saves time in the kitchen.
  • What puts people off meal prep.
  • How Toby’s kids get involved with her recipes.
  • Why meal delivery services are not as healthy as you might think.
  • How much food we waste by following use-by dates.
  • Smart meal prep for beginners and why you cannot meal prep last minute.

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