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Tips for Keeping Kids on a Summer Schedule

Summer is almost here, and so many of us are looking forward to letting down our hair and loosening the reins. Especially when it comes to our routines, structures, and schedules.

However, there comes a time every year, usually when we’re a few weeks into summer vacation, that we get a little bit edgy. We notice our kids going to bed later, grazing all day, and hanging out with their social media accounts more than the sunshine.

Tips for Keeping Kids on a Summer Schedule

According to recent studies, there is a correlation between school letting out and your child’s health. And it all comes down to the structure school creates for them and its absence during the summer months. Some studies point to weight gain, disturbed sleeping patterns, poorer nutrition, and other negative impacts on their health. So, as we prepare for another summer, how can we ensure our children stay as healthy as they do during the school year?

Listen in this week as I dive into the importance of creating a summer schedule for your children to help maintain their health and continue to enforce healthy habits. I’m digging into the reasons some kids become less healthy during the summer and some ways that you can ensure your kids have a fun, activity-packed and nutritious summer vacation. 

We all like to loosen the rules and relax a little more during the summer. In this episode, I’m sharing how you can do that while maintaining the structure critical to your children’s health.

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What You’ll Learn About Creating a Summer Schedule:

  • What makes summer so problematic for kids’ health and nutrition. 
  • Why activity might be limited for some children during the summer.
  • Why structure is so beneficial for kids.
  • Some ways to add structure to your kids’ days in the summer.
  • What you can do to help your child have a healthy summer.
  • Why it’s important to schedule meal times and snack times.

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