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Nutrition for the Extremely Picky Eater [Class]

Does your child have extreme picky eating?

Can you count the number of foods he eats on two hands?

Is your kid particular about how food is prepared or where it comes from?

Does he get angry or upset when you bring a new food to the table? Stressed out when he has to eat somewhere else?

Nutrition for Extreme Picky Eating Class

If you’re nodding your head YAAASSS, then you’re in the right place.

Maybe you were told not to worry about your child’s eating. That…

He’s growing fine.

All kids go through this. He’ll grow out of it.

This is normal – it’s just picky eating.

But is it just picky eating? Or something more?

Deep down you worry. Your hunch is that your persnickety child isn’t normal. That she has food “issues.”

You see other kids grow out of it, but your kid hasn’t…and isn’t.

In fact, your kid is no better…and if you’re honest with yourself, they might be getting worse.

If any of this rings true, then…


is perfect for you!

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In this online class, you’ll get a firm handle on what you’re dealing with, understand why your child is so finicky about food, and learn how to move forward with food without making things worse.

I’ll walk you through:

1. The difference between “just picky eating,” extremely picky eating, and ARFID (Avoidant Restrictive Food Intake Disorder).

2. Why kids may be extremely picky eaters, such as medical, sensory and early eating experiences, and how these might be expressed in your child and negatively influence his or her food acceptance.

3. What feeding approaches WON’T work with extreme picky eaters so you can avoid being trapped in an unproductive and potentially damaging relationship with your child.

4. What WILL work so you can do more of it and sustain (or create) the healthy relationship with food every child deserves.

5. My simple, step-by-step method for introducing new foods so that you can get started at home and your child can move forward at his or her own pace.

6. Nutrition advice for common challenges such as low body weight, nutrient deficiencies, or adding new foods.

7. When and why to seek more professional help and advice to guide you in choosing the right provider.

I’ve included everything you need to know about nutrition and extreme picky eating, including growth considerations, nutrient deficiencies, how to expand the diet, how to parent around food and how to gently help your child move forward with food.

Because understanding extreme picky eaters and nutrition will set your whole family up to support your extreme picky eater and avoid making things worse.

You’ll be clear on what you can do, and what you should avoid doing.

More importantly, you’ll be able to create a healthier, more positive vibe around food.

Understand why your child is so finicky about food,
and learn how to move forward with food without making things worse.

Get Help for Extreme Picky Eating!

By the end of this class, you’ll….

  • Stop second-guessing what’s going on with your child’s eating. You’ll have a clear sense of what’s going on and why.
  • Stop kicking yourself for not doing something earlier. You’ll forgive yourself so you can move forward…and so can your child.
  • Stop wishing your child’s pickiness will magically go away. You’ll know whether or not your child needs more support and get the resources to find the right help for your child, whether it be feeding therapy, nutrition restoration, or parenting advice.
  • Stop spinning your wheels worrying about helping your child. You’ll learn the options for treatment and where to find a team should you need it.
  • Stop feeling like you’re the only one with an extreme picky eater. You’re not!
  • Stop guessing about food, textures, or eating behaviors. You’ll learn about food, how foods relate and the small steps you can take at home.

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Jill Castle pediatric dietitian and founder of The Nourished Child®

If you have a super picky eater, you may feel STUCK. Stuck in unproductive routines. Stuck with food. And stuck with how to help your kid.

After working with many extremely picky eaters in my private practice, coaching parents on positive feeding interactions, and developing an easy method for gently nudging kids who are ready (or even resistant) to try new foods, I know that if you have a child who’s extremely picky, you want to help.

You want to help in the right ways.

Without causing more drama, trauma, embarrassment, or sad feelings.

By the end of Nutrition for Extremely Picky Eaters online class, you’ll feel:

  • Relieved to get the answers you’ve been searching for so you’re not spinning your wheels or feeling stuck any longer.
  • Clear about what your child is missing nutritionally, whether it be certain nutrients or adequate energy or protein, and how to restore it.
  • Confident in how you can modify your feeding and parenting approach to support your child so he can be more confident around food.
  • Relieved to not feel lost and frustrated, but to have a next step.
  • Ready to find help, and know who to find, and where to find them.
  • Supported in your concerns about your child’s eating rather than being placated or ignored. 

Nutrition for the Extremely Picky Eater is an online DIY class. You’ll also receive supportive materials including my signature system used in my private practice, 8 Steps to Try New Foods and The ARFID Guide.

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