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Our Nutrition Classes

Learn about feeding kids and navigating other health challenges with our online nutrition classes. From learning the basics about food and feeding kids of all ages to honing your approach with athletes, kids with ADHD, or family meals, we’ve got what you need. And, we’re adding new nutrition classes all the time!

The Nourished Child Blueprint

Lifetime Access to 24 Video Lessons & More

Get clear on food, feeding and building healthy eating habits (without guilt, worry, and self doubt). The Nourished Child Blueprint is a 4-module online nutrition class for parents. Learn about food and nutrients, positive feeding strategies, and how to educate and motivate healthy eating habits for a lifetime. Guides, printables, and cheat sheets solidify new knowledge. Topic covers children aged 3 – 18 years. $297
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Eat Like a Champion

Lifetime Access to 18 Video Lessons & More

Give your young athlete a powerful, competitive edge. Learn what to eat for athletic training and competition with common-sense nutrition strategies for the growing, competitive athlete This nutrition class is for young athletes and parents to learn how to manage eating for training and competition. Worksheets help young athletes target nutrients, timing, and food options. Topic covers athletes aged 12 – 18 years; parents. $297
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The ADHD Diet for Kids

Lifetime Access to 11 video Lessons & More

Confidently feed your child with ADHD for better attention, behavior and growth (without wacky diets, power struggles or meltdowns). In this program, parents learn what foods to feed kids with ADHD while focusing on better functioning and eliminating food sensitivities. Master positive feeding strategies and nix negative interactions so you can promote better behavior, attention and growth for optimal learning and daily functioning. Topic covers children 5 and older. $297
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Eat in Peace Workshop

A Step-by-Step Approach to Happy, Healthy Family-Style Meals

Learn how to start family-style meals, change the family dynamic at the table, and eat in peace. In this 2-hour workshop, you’ll learn the exact principles, practices and steps to family-style meals, differentiating a happy, healthy family gathering from a chaotic, combative, stressful experience. Topic is for all ages. $47
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