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Eat Like a Champion [Class]

Nutrition for athletes can make or break performance. Does your young athlete know how to eat like a champion? My sports nutrition class can help.

Teach your young athlete the fundamentals of fueling the body for sport with a sports nutrition course like Eat Like a Champion.

Eat like a champion sports nutrition class

We know that excelling at youth sports requires more than being born with a natural inclination to athleticism, or participating in long hours of training.

Or even, purchasing extra lessons.

Being a great young athlete requires an understanding of how the body uses food as fuel.

This understanding informs which foods are eaten, day-to-day eating habits, and food decisions made for training and competition.

Eat Like a Champion sports nutrition class teaches the young athlete the basics of fueling the body for athletic performance.

Young athletes edge out the competition when they know what, when and how to eat.

Teach Your Aspiring Athlete about an Athlete’s Nutrition

You probably already know that eating well is the secret to future health and optimal growth for the young athlete. But did you know that a proper food plan can help your athlete focus on the field, have more endurance, and recover faster? 

Perhaps you want your athlete to take ownership for his or her nutrition. You want him to make healthy food choices, especially when you’re not around to help.

There is no way your athlete can do this without knowledge of sports nutrition.

This understanding is the secret ingredient to a competitive edge, on and off the field.

Eat Like a Champion – a sports nutrition course for young athletes – is your answer.

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Does a Sports Nutrition Class Help Athletes Be Their Best?

All those hours of training may not be enough to nudge your athlete to his peak performance. But an athletic eating plan added to the mix may help him soar to a new level of competitiveness.

Parents often know what their athlete needs to eat, but the young athlete himself may not. And this lack of information interferes with his motivation to eat well.

A sports nutrition class can help bridge this gap and create more knowledge and motivation to eat well.

Young boys playing football. Eat Like a Champion sports nutrition course for the young athlete.

What is Eat Like a Champion?

Eat Like a Champion is an online DIY class for young athletes to learn about nutrition by breaking the fundamentals down into four-modules including 18 video lessons, 13 printable worksheets, two e-cookbooks, and several expert audio recordings.

The Eat Like a Champion class is the young athlete version of the popular book, Eat Like a Champion by Jill Castle, MS, RDN.

The lessons are designed to help young athletes learn about athlete nutrition in an age-appropriate way so they can make good eating decisions to benefit their athletic performance and plan their diet for training or competition, while also covering their nutritional needs for growth and development.

Through multiple lessons, worksheets designed to help the athlete formulate his athletic eating plan, and audio recordings by experts in the field, young athletes will gain the knowledge needed to be independent with fueling their growing, athletic body.

How this sports nutrition class breaks down:

Part 1: The Athlete’s Fuel 

The Goal: Teach the young athlete about food, nutrients, and how the body uses calories and macronutrients like protein to improve athletic performance. In this module, your athlete will learn:

  • What it means to have a healthy diet
  • The function and purpose of the major nutrients for sport: carbohydrates, protein and fat
  • How to calculate daily energy and major nutrient requirements
  • The food sources that deliver important nutrients
  • How to balance all foods in the daily athletic diet  

Part 2: No Nutrient Left Behind: Supporting Players

The Goal: Bring awareness to micronutrients and their role in health and the avoidance of injury and illness. In Module 2, your athlete will learn about:

  •  The role of vitamins and minerals in sport
  • Where to locate vitamins and minerals in food
  • Calcium and vitamin D, the bone building nutrients
  • The important role of iron in the athlete’s diet
  • Where to source important micronutrients from food
  • What to do if there is a deficiency in his or her diet  

Part 3: Hydration

The Goal: Teach the athlete what to drink, how much, and how to spot dehydration. In this module, your athlete will learn:

  • The best hydration drinks
  • Why dehydration can rob the young athlete of a great performance
  • How much fluid young athletes need
  • To spot dehydration  
  • Several ways to check hydration status
  • Best criteria for choosing a sports drink
  • The lowdown on energy drinks and electrolyte drinks and how to manage them

Part 4: The Athlete Diet Plan

The Goal: Develop an eating plan for both training and competition. Here your athlete will take everything learned about food as fuel and put it together into a meal and snack plan. Specifically:

  • How to balance all foods at mealtime
  • What constitutes a power snack
  • The best timing of eating (before, during and after exercise)
  • What changes need to be made for competition days  

Additions to the Core Program

There’s more!

You’ll receive two e-cookbooks: Fast & Nutritious Breakfasts for the Young Athlete and Fuel Up! Dinner Recipes for Young Athletes.

And, bonus audio recordings with Olympic athletes Dan Walsh and Gevvie Stone, renowned sports nutritionist Nancy Clark, and several researchers in the area of sports nutrition. 

Students of this program will have access to all lessons, worksheets and audio recordings for the lifetime of the program, available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

An understanding of sports nutrition is the secret ingredient to a competitive edge on and off the field.

Benefits of a Sports Nutrition Class

When your athlete completes this sports nutrition course, he or she will:

  • Know which foods are best for fueling a growing, athletic body. 
  • Create a plan for eating and drinking so she’s energized and focused for practice and game time. 
  • Have a plan for promoting muscle healing and reloading from grueling workouts.
  • Know without question he’s developing healthy eating habits for a healthy future (and after his sports career has ended).
  • Understand how food influences athletic performance.
  • Nail the timing of eating so that he feels great at game time. 
  • Know she’s doing everything she can to power her performance for herself, and her team.

Help your young athlete learn everything he needs to know to fuel his body for athletic performance, including proper nutrition, developing good eating habits for sport and health, and how to be ready to compete.

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