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The Infant Microbiome with Noel Mueller

Dr. Noel Mueller joins me to talk about the infant microbiome. He shares the latest research on it and how to build a healthy infant gut from the start.

Dr. Mueller describes what the  gut microbiome is and its connection to overall human health. He explains how the microbiome is related to immune-mediated diseases such as obesity, type 2 diabetes, and cardio-metabolic disease (hypertension and cardiovascular).

He tells us how the seeding of the infant’s gut microbiome happens at birth and how it continues to expand after birth. And he shares the gut microbiome transfer in vaginal delivery and C-section delivery, giving us information on the relationship between C-section delivery and childhood obesity.

Dr. Mueller explains that the interplay between diet/nutrition, the benefits of breast milk versus formula milk, and the interaction of nutrients in breast milk and formula milk to the infant’s microbiome.

He guides us on what to look for in probiotics for infants, how to administer them, and he shows us how probiotics help infants.  In contrast, he warns us about the impact of antibiotics on the gut microbiome in infants.

We talk about the process of introducing solid food and other liquids to infants. He further explains that the earlier introduction of solid food leads to disruption of bacterial composition in the infant’s gut, resulting in the rapid maturation of the microbiome.

Also, he shares his tips based on research evidence with parents who expect a baby or have a young infant in the house. This episode is packed with mind-blowing information about the gut microbiome that we all need to know.

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What You’ll Learn About the Infant Microbiome:

  • How Dr. Noel Mueller started researching the gut microbiome
  • What the gut microbiome Is
  • Microbiome and its relevance to immune-mediated disease
  • What seeding is and when it happens
  • Vaginal delivery versus C-section: How gut microbiome is transferred
  • C-section’s potential impact on child obesity
  • Interaction between diet/nutrition and microbiome
  • Breastfeeding versus formula feeding
  • How antibiotics impact gut microbiome
  • The connection between immune system allergy and gut microbiome
  • Dr. Mueller’s important tips for parents

Listen to the Show:

This episode was sponsored by Southwest Dairy Farmers.

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The Infant Microbiome with Noel Mueller

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