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Ignore It! with Catherine Pearlman

ignore it

Every kid acts out sometimes, which can make it even more frustrating than usual to guide them on a path of healthy development. It is a difficult skill to learn as a parent to not get irritated with them and be understanding, but sometimes we need to look the other way and simply ignore it (the attention-seeking actions that is).

On todayā€™s show, Iā€™m talking to Catherine Pearlman, a clinical social worker and author of a wonderful book, Ignore It! We talk about how children view rewards (both positive and negative, material and non-material) and the structures behind habit formation.

By ignoring the ways children test the boundaries of what is allowed or will be rewarded, you can see remarkable positive behavior shifts in your kids.

Feeding your kids is a major part of parenting, so creating a healthy social setting for your kids to eat in is also something we’ll be tackling today. Listen in for an amazing conversation on how we can be better parents and raise naturally better-behaved children!

ā€œParents know that, no matter how much [kids] have tantrums, they are not going to allow it. And this makes the [child] very angry, so when they realize they wonā€™t get what they want, they can get mom/dad angry, and thatā€™s the reward.ā€ Click To Tweet

What Youā€™ll Learn About Ignore It!

  • Why children whine or misbehave and how that creates habits.
  • How your own upbringing impacts your parenting style with your kids.
  • When we should ignore our childrenā€™s bad table manners and when we should address them.
  • Ways to empower yourself as a parent and not reward bad behavior while rewarding good behavior.
  • A three-step approach to address subjects of tantrums without rewarding bad behaviors.
  • What behaviors we shouldnā€™t ignore and what they might mean.

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