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How Play Therapy Helps Your Child with Jackie Flynn

play therapy helps child

Kids may experience difficulties during their childhood and need extra support to work through challenges such as picky eating, behavioral challenges, and even an eating disorder. Play therapy helps the child navigate and communicate their emotions, no matter how challenging.
Play therapy can help the child with eating challenges such as picky eating or disordered eating. Click To Tweet
In this episode, I interview Jackie Flynn, registered play therapist, about the ins and outs of play therapy and how play therapy helps the child.

What You Will Learn about Play Therapy

  • Which children can benefit from play therapy
  • How play therapy is conducted
  • What the play therapy environment looks and feels like
  • The different techniques and mediums of play therapy (think rocks, paint, sand and more)
  • The surprising outcomes of play therapy for the child

What Jackie and I Cover in this Episode

  • How play therapy helps the child with behavioral challenges such as ADHD and autism
  • How play therapy helps the child with picky eating
  • How play therapy helps the child with an eating disorder
  • How play therapy taps into a different part of the child’s brain (and why that’s beneficial)
  • Why the parent child relationship is critical to play therapy and children’s success

Links Mentioned in this Show

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Jackie’s Podcast, Parenting in the Rain
Parenting in the Rain Facebook community 
Jackie’s counseling practice
Parent coaching with Jackie
Twitter handle: @jackieflynnrpt

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