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Healthy Lunch Boxes for Little Ones with Holly Grainger

healthy lunch boxes little kids

Healthy Lunch Boxes for Toddlers & Preschoolers

As your little one starts to branch out in the world–to Mommy’s Day Out, preschool or even child care– you may find yourself packing lunches. Of course, creating healthy lunch boxes for little ones is the overall goal, as these help transition your child to a bigger food world, while supporting the healthy eating foundation you’ve set up at home.
A healthy lunch box for little kids can continue the healthy eating established at home. Click To Tweet
Have you wondered what a healthy lunch box for your child actually looks like?
I’ve got good news! I have just the right person to help—registered dietitian and lunch packing pro Holley Grainger–who is on the show talking about healthy lunch boxes for little ones.

What You Will Learn about Healthy Lunch Boxes for Little Kids:

The ideal food balance for toddlers and preschoolers
How sweets and treats fit in to the toddler and preschooler daily diet
Why nutrient-rich foods are important, especially mid-day
Three common mistakes parents make when packing lunch boxes
The short-term and long-term goals of packing healthy lunch boxes for little ones
One fail-proof strategy to entice your child to eat what you pack

What Holley Shares in this Show:

Her strategies for giving her daughters, Ellie and Frances, a voice in lunch packing
How she upgrades little lunch boxes to big people lunch boxes (aka what she does differently for her husband)
Her own challenges with feeding her daughters
Realistic advice for the parent who may struggle with motivation or creativity
The mistakes around lunch packing she is helping parents prevent
Her trove of resources highlighting healthy lunch boxes for little ones

Links Mentioned in the Show:

A Month of Healthy, Kid-Approved, School Lunches (created by Holley)
125 Healthy Lunch Boxes for Kids
Planet Box (divided lunch box)
YumBoxLunch (divided lunch box)
Bentgo (divided lunch box)
Holley’s website (go here to follow Holley on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and more)
#healthylittlelunchbox (Holley’s social media hashtag–use this to search for creative lunch box ideas on social media sites)
Holley on Pinterest
Holley’s blog
Holley on You Tube

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