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Formula for Baby: What’s New? with Devon Kuehn

Dr. Devon Kuehn joins me to talk about infant formula for baby. Learn the latest developments, advancements, and innovations in infant formula.

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Dr. Devon Kuehn from ByHeart on The Nourished Child podcast talking about innovations in formula for baby.

Dr. Kuehn is a board-certified pediatrician and neonatologist and the Chief Medical Officer at ByHeart. With her vast work and research on pregnancy, early life exposures, and their impact on growth and development, she believes that early nutrition is the foundation for lifelong health.

She joins me to discuss the challenges, concerns, and considerations families face when making decisions about feeding their newborns and babies, especially when choosing from the variety of infant formula available on the market.

Breast milk is the gold standard in infant nutrition, but it’s not an option for all parents.

We chat about the importance of parents being confident when deciding which formula to offer their baby. The mission of ByHeart is to close the gap between infant formulas and breast milk, alleviating some of the fears parents have when choosing baby formulas. 

There are many FDA regulations for the infant formula industry. In developing their infant formula, ByHeart utilized research and innovation, which led them to become the fourth fully integrated infant formula brand in the US.  

Dr. Kuehn highlights the importance of providing babies with a higher quality protein and essential macronutrients. Acknowledging the immunity properties of breast milk, she says that ByHeart’s formula contains an entire complex of ingredients targeted toward providing immune support to babies. 

She also shares tips on how healthcare providers can help parents feel more confident about infant formula and shares her insights on the future of infant formula, including the latest innovation and developments happening within the industry.

What You’ll Learn About Formula for Baby: What’s New?

  • Dr. Devon Kuehn and ByHeart’s work and research
  • Navigating through the options within the infant formula space 
  • Addressing the fears and concerns of parents about formula feeding
  • Building infant formula from the ground up
  • FDA regulations around infant formula
  • Closing the gaps between infant formula and breast milk
  • Gut health, immunity, and microbiome development in infant formula
  • Making parents feel more at ease about formula feeding
  • The future of infant formula

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This episode was #sponsored by ByHeart –

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Formula for Baby: What’s New?

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