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Feeding the Child with ADHD

ADHD affects around 11% of US children and can alter a child’s ability to pay attention, behave, and learn. Feeding the child with ADHD is an important aspect of treatment and management of this challenge .

Unfortunately, nutrition is often the last thing to be addressed. Challenges like picky eating, diet quality, weight issues, and growth disturbances are all more common than anyone wants to admit.

Feeding the Child with ADHD: 5 Things You Should Know

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Ensuring your child’s nutritional needs are met is a priority and can be difficult. Poor nutrition can interfere with all aspects of a child’s daily functioning. As parents, it can be tricky to know whether your methods for feeding your child with this condition are actually helping.

Join me on the podcast today as I discuss five things you should know, as a parent or a healthcare professional, about feeding the child with ADHD.

I’m sharing where I see people get it wrong when it comes to their child’s diet, and how good nutrition can be a great complementary treatment for ADHD. I’ll also discuss why we should be wary of diet alterations that claim to be curative.

"If a child is barely making their weight gain and not growing very well, it doesn't make a lot of sense to put a child on a restrictive diet if it's going to interfere further with their growth and development." Click To Tweet

What You’ll Learn about Feeding the Child with ADHD:

  • How poor nutrition affects the brain’s ability to function at its best.
  • Where I see parents misunderstanding the role of nutrition in treating their children with ADHD.
  • How good nutrition helps kids with ADHD function at their best.
  • What you can do to offer a child with ADHD the best diet possible.
  • The wrong reasons to start your child off on a restrictive diet.
  • Where you should be making diet eliminations, like additives, and how to assess the effects.

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