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TNC 036: Cooking with Kids

Get kids cooking to increase food knowledge, self-esteem and autonomy with eating. Interview with Jodi Danen, creator of the Kids Create Club.

Cooking with Kids

Get kids cooking! We all know cooking with kids is a boon for helping build autonomy with food selection and eating, increase self-esteem, and encourage food knowledge. I chat with Jodi Danen, RD, creator of Create Kids Club, and dish on ways to keep family meals simple, get kids in the kitchen and more.

What You Will Learn about Cooking with Kids:

  • Why family meals are important
  • Jodi’s family meal approach (hint: super simple!)
  • What Jodi serves for dessert
  • How she gets her own kids in the kitchen
  • Her strategy for dealing with hungry kids
  • The short term and end goals of cooking with kids
  • Easy, fast family meals
  • Why you may need to experiment with the crockpot (and how it can change your life!)
  • Jodi’s most popular recipe on her website and with her family
  • Jodi’s passion project – Lunch Bites
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What We Discuss:

  • Jodi’s journey in the field of nutrition
  • Her experiences in working with children and the school system
  • The mission behind Create Kids Club
  • Her mom’s influence on how she feeds her own kids
  • School changes and passionate parent reactions
  • Why the crockpot is an essential tool in her kitchen
  • Her top 3 recipes for her family
  • How to make teaching nutrition a bit more exciting for kids
  • One More Meal Challenge
  • The payoffs from getting kids in the kitchen and cooking with kids
  • The things that frustrate Jodi about nutrition (fad diets, complicated information, and more)

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