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8 Tips to Help Your Child Snack Better

Want to help your child snack better? Follow my 8 tips to take your strategy and game plan up a notch!

Snacks. We love them…and we hate them. We want our kids to snack better.

But, poor food choices and bad timing equal an unhealthy snacker. Just like you approach meals, you need a strategy to help your child.

With the average child snacking about 4 times per day — and some children eating up to 10 times each day — it’s no wonder it contributes about 600 calories or 27% of their daily caloric intake.
Today’s episode details my 8 tips for helping you develop a snack strategy that will help your child eat nutritiously and better regulate his overall appetite and eating.

Snacks...we love them and we hate them. 8 Tips to Help Your Child Snack Better. Click To Tweet

What You Will Learn about How to Snack Better:

  • 3 good reasons for snacking
  • Which 3 nutrients are good at satisfying and inducing fullness
  • Why the timing is a big part of success
  • Why the way you offer them may contribute to overeating
  • How to keep your child guessing, interested and nourished with snacks
  • Clever ways to serve snacks that make them more of an event and more appealing
  • The one rule that will change everything
  • How to make them more nutritious and a contributor to your child’s nutritional needs
  • How to tame the junky food requests…easily

What I Discuss:

  • The current rates of kids’ snacking in America
  • Ways to work protein, fat and fiber into your child’s routine
  • The time frame and the gap you need to create between eating sessions to help boost your child’s appetite for meals
  • Ways to eat more mindfully, and the unhealthy traps of eating snacks
  • How to ensure food variety
  • How changing the delivery and venue can inspire healthy eating
  • Why you need to draw a hard line about access to food (and the easy way to do it)
  • The brilliance of mini-meals
  • Two ways to work in treats and sweets that won’t ruin your child’s eating

Links I Mention in the Show:

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