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Caffeine and Kids: Cracking the Code

Kids are getting more exposure and consuming more caffeine than ever before. Learn about caffeine and kids: the food sources, the side effects, the recommended caffeine intakes at all ages, and how to monitor your child's caffeine intake.

Can Kids Drink Coffee?

Is coffee bad for kids? Is caffeine the new drug for kids? Get too much and yes, just like a drug, a child can overdose and experience negative side effects, even death.

Today kids are getting more of it at younger and younger ages. Caffeine can have dangerous effects on children and teens. Weā€™ll dive into caffeine and kids: the food sources, the side effects, the recommended caffeine intakes for kids of all ages, and how to monitor your child’s caffeine intake.
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What You Will Learn about Caffeine and Kids

  • The rates of consumption by kids
  • The surprising group of kids who eat or drink it
  • The effects of caffeine on the body, including the cardiovascular system
  • Caffeine toxicity and its outcomes
  • The American Academy of Pediatrics recommendations for children
  • The difference in adult versus kids’ tolerance
  • Typical levels of caffeine in various food products
  • Surprising new food products touting caffeine
  • The most dangerous sources
  • Regulation of energy drinks by governing bodies
  • What you can do to control or moderate your child’s intake based on age
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What I Discuss About Kids and Coffee

  • Why I think caffeine is a drug
  • The untimely death of a South Carolina teen who consumed too much
  • Why kids start consuming it
  • How kids are getting innocent tastes and early exposure to coffee and coffee drinks
  • The different symptoms and how these can vary from person to person
  • Practical strategies for implementing the AAP recommendations
  • How recommendations compare to the popular beverages and foods kids eat
  • How some of the most dangerous products are marketed to children, especially athletes
  • Practical suggestions for keeping children safe
  • Why adults should be having open conversations about caffeine and educating children and teens

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Caffeine: A Growing Problem for Kids

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