Trust Model of Feeding: 8 Tell-Tale Signs It’s Missing

Learn about the trust model of feeding and the signs it’s missing in your parenting approach.

One of the anchors of positive feeding is a belief that your child can regulate his eating. In other words, you trust that he knows how much to eat, what to eat, and when to stop.

This, my friends, is what is called the trust model of feeding.

For some parents, this level of trust around food and feeding is a leap of faith.

trust-based feeding approach

Why Trust with Feeding is Essential

Trust doesn’t come easily—in fact it can be hard-won, especially when it comes to feeding your child. But, trust is essential if you want to raise a healthy eater and a child who is able to self-regulate and enjoy eating.

The reality? You worry, doubt, and worry some more.

You may even find yourself not trusting your child around food.

Not trusting your child to eat enough.

Or not trusting your child to stop eating when he’s full.

The tracks of mistrust are laid early on when blind faith is called upon in those first days of life, when you start nursing or bottle-feeding your infant.

A nagging question and doubt: Did my baby get enough to eat?

This doubt may persist into childhood and even into the teen years.

Worry About Eating Alters Feeding Children

Too much worry can change the way you relate to your child when it comes to food.

Worry and low trust may interfere with the parent-child connection. This can lead to less enjoyment of eating, and may even cause you to make some honest mistakes in your feeding approach.

Trusting a child to eat enough, and make good decisions about food does take a bit of faith and some perspective.

Of course, kids are going to eat well and eat poorly throughout the course of childhood.

When they eat poorly it doesn’t mean they will eat this way forever, and the same is true if they are good eaters.

What is true is that kids are learning and adapting as they grow.

Worry and doubt can erode trust, and that may interfere with the development of your child’s healthy eating patterns.

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