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Welcome to The Nourished Child®

Children’s nutrition changes…a lot. From baby to teen, their nutritional needs, eating habits, and food preferences do, too. So much so, you might question whether you’re on track… and doing a good job.

The Nourished Child® helps you get crystal clear on healthy eating for kids so you can raise a good eater. We’ve cracked the code on nourishing the whole child, whether you’re raising a baby, a teen, or a child with health concerns.

Our resources on nutrition for children help you get the inside scoop on food and nutrients, positive food parenting, and building self-motivated, autonomous kids who enjoy eating a variety of foods.

We build you up with child nutrition and feeding know-how, so you can confidently raise a healthy, happy kid.

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Meet Jill Castle, MS, RDN

I’m Jill Castle, a pediatric dietitian, author, and creator of The Nourished Child®. As a first-time mom, I struggled with feeding my own child. I learned an important lesson: Growing healthy kids is more than simply getting good food on the table. It’s also about feeding children in positive ways and adapting to their changing developmental needs. I founded The Nourished Child® to give you the children’s nutrition and feeding know-how to successfully raise a healthy human, inside and out. You’ll find parent education programs, healthy eating guidelines, and all kinds of nutrition resources to help you confidently and effectively raise a healthy child and good eater.