Back to School Dinner Ideas with Stacie Billis

Stacie Billis has back-to-school dinner ideas that will help you if you’re looking for ways to feed your family or plan or prep your meals. Stacie also shares how having a podcast in a little tiny, dark corner of her house where she recorded was an absolute lifeline during this pandemic.

Moreover, she explains how the pandemic has completely changed our challenges. These include the kind of groceries we have access to and the food budget for many people because we are just trying to ensure our families are safe.

Stacie believes that a lot of parents are burnt out because of the pandemic. The right mindset going into the school year is making it easy yet still leaving room to recharge. She recommends using meal planning services if you are not a meal planner.

She adds that if you set yourself up to succeed by keeping cooking simple, you can make it delicious and not boring if you do it right. The more you succeed at that, the more you want to go in the kitchen. The more you want to go in the kitchen, the more you will go in the kitchen, and the more you go in the kitchen, the better your skills will be.

Additionally, Stacie suggests having room for a whiteboard in your kitchen so everybody can see what the dinner plans are. Remember to get help because you do not have to reinvent the wheel every single week by yourself. Keep track of meals that work. And you can put them in rotation.

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What You’ll Learn About Back to School Dinner Ideas with Stacie Billis:

  • Why keeping the podcast alive during the pandemic was important
  • What back to school is looking like for families this year
  • How to keep you family fed with enough food in stock to keep it easy on you 
  • Stacie’s response to fallacies that parents believe about feeding their families
  • Kid pleasing meal ideas for back-to-school time
  • What makes Stacie’s book “Winner! Winner! Chicken Dinner” so special

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