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Starting Baby on Solids, Flexibly with Natalia Stasenko

Starting Your Baby on Solids, Flexibly with Pediatric Dietitian Natalia Stasenko

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When it comes to feeding babies and toddlers solids, there is conflicting information out there for parents.

Between divisive Facebook groups, endless blogs and articles, and Moms with strong opinions, it can be difficult for parents to know where to turn when it comes to starting baby on solids.

Feeding at this stage is incredibly important, so it is vital to be well informed.

It’s lucky we have people like my guest, Natalia Stasenko, as an informed resource for parents who are ready to enter the brave new world of solids.  

Natalia Stasenko is a dietitian and feeding enthusiast who is on a mission to reach a wider audience about what she calls a Flexible Feeding style.

A real globetrotter, Natalia was born in Russia but has lived in London, Canada, and the United States.

Now London-based, Natalia is working tirelessly to provide high-quality resources that balance traditional and baby-led feeding.

With so much research coming out about how to feed our children, Natalia realized that there could be an approach that combines the best of these two approaches.

Natalia is also a mother of three, so she knows how difficult the solid stage can be for parents. Her compassionate and child-led, parent-focused feeding method is extremely practical. She really is a phenomenal resource!  

The key to flexible feeding is to pay attention to your child’s developmental stages. You definitely need to know the milestones, but Natalia will be the first to remind parents that these milestones are not hard and fast. No two babies are the same.

In today’s episode, Natalia will explain everything you need to know, as well as some of her best practices for parents entering the arena. She truly wants to help you find a system that works for your family, free from any stigma or social stance.  

Starting solids can feel like a daunting task, but it doesn’t have to be stressful! Give this episode a listen to have all of Natalia’s wonderful resources on your side.

Be guided by the baby’s development. Instead of comparing our babies to the ones we see around us, follow what your baby is doing. via @feedingbytes Click To Tweet

What You Will Learn About Starting Baby on Solids: 

  • Pay attention to the readiness cues. Don’t feel pressured by deadlines.
  • Give plenty of opportunities to practice. Eating solids is a skill.
  • Learn all about the different stages and adjustments that might worry you, but are completely normal.
  • The different methods you can use to begin feeding.
  • There is a way to feed your baby responsively with a spoon.
  • Natalia’s best tips for parents of toddlers.

What We Discuss About Starting Solids:  

  • Natalia’s incredible, global experiences and personal history that brought her to dietetics and feeding.
  • Sorting through the research showed Natalia that there is a flexible approach to starting solids.
  • Parents need information and need to be supported at this stage.
  • Why a combined approach can be useful for your family.
  • The media can be divisive and counterproductive.
  • The most popular resource from Natalia’s website.
Eating solids is a skill that you need to practice. via @feedingbytes Click To Tweet

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