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Making Healthy Food Choices in College with Gracie Castle

In this episode of The Nourished Child, I interview my daughter Gracie, now 21, about making healthy food choices in college and what it was like growing up in a big family with a dietitian mom. I ask listener's questions and my daughter answers them!

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Healthy Food Choices and Eating in College

On today’s very special episode of The Nourished Child, I wanted to sit down with my daughter, Gracie. Gracie is now a young adult, and she’s grown up with a dietitian mom. Can you imagine what that would be like?

I know many of you were curious about how my feeding strategies have played out now that my kids are older, so what better way to get the full scoop than from Gracie herself?

Today, she is going to share all of her perspectives on what it was like to grow up with me, as well as how she makes healthy food choices in college and balancing her diet on her own. 

I was humbled and grateful for Gracie’s answers to the questions you, the listeners, asked in our Facebook Group. Now that she is a young adult and a college student at Syracuse, I was also very interested to know how she is taking the skills I hopefully imparted on her while she was younger into the school setting.  

College students are notorious for eating food at all hours of the night. Does it have to be that way? Gracie emphasizes again and again that everything about eating well in college is about balance and knowing what the healthy choices are. For Gracie, that all started when she was younger. It was so encouraging to hear that she enjoys so many foods and finds room for veggie stir fry along with her takeout.

Listen this week to all of our fun stories about our household, some of Gracie’s best college eating tips, and a lot of laughter between mom and daughter.  

What You Will Learn About Healthy Food Choices in College: 

  • How to eat balanced in a dining hall or off campus.  
  • How students these days are finding a balance with all the meal and food options and making healthy choices.  
  • Why Gracie never felt like she was missing out on healthy foods.   
I’m actually saving a lot of money when I buy and cook food for myself. @thegraciecastle on college eating. Click To Tweet

What We Discuss 

  • What kind of food is offered to students on college campuses.  
  • Do college students cook for themselves?  
  • Eating healthy on a budget and food waste.
  • The surprising expense of organic food.
  • The benefits and dangers of food ordering services like GrubHub. 
  • Gracie’s go-to healthy snacks.  
  • It is easier than ever to be gluten-free or vegetarian.
  • The expense of being gluten-free on campus.
  • Gracie never felt like she was missing out.  
  • All of the wonderful memories that Gracie and I shared over food.  
  • How Dad stepped up to the plate to model healthy eating!  

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