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7 Tips for Helping the Thin Child Grow

thin child

The thin child can cause great worry to his parents. Sometimes, parents use ineffective strategies to get their child to gain weight and grow, including negative feeding practices, in an attempt to get them to gain weight.

From toddlers to teens, the thin child who is not eating enough is just as much a concern to a parent as the child who overeats.

If your child is thin and you are worried about whether she is getting enough nutrition, this show is for you.

Iā€™m covering 7 tips to help the thin child grow.

What You will Learn about the Thin Child

  • What characterizes the underweight child?
  • The different reasons why kids are underweight or thin
  • The solution for weight gain that almost never works alone
  • The biggest mistake with making food always available
  • Why you need to know and be familiar with your child’s growth chart
  • When a nutritional supplement is needed
  • Why your mindset about nutrition needs to shift
  • The best time to include a snack to help thin kids grow
  • How to build an appetite in the underweight child
  • Positive and negative feeding practices and how they influence eating and enjoyment of food
  • The importance of physical activity

What I Cover in this Show

  • Normal growth versus telling signs of lack of growth
  • When to take action if your child isn’t gaining and growing well
  • How to increase the calories in food without increasing the quantities eaten
  • When optimal growth occurs during the day and why it’s important to capture this opportunity
  • Why food timing and creating space between meals helps mold an appetite
  • Why negative feeding practices are common and, surprisingly, ineffective

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