TNC 024: Childhood Food Insecurity and Affordable Food

childhood food insecurity

Did you know that 1 in 5 children classify as food insecure in the United States?
Childhood food insecurity has far-reaching effects on the growth, development and academic potential of the young child. Food assistance programs and affordable food areĀ critical to the health and well-being of food insecure children and help remedy child hunger.
In this episode, I talk with registered dietitian and food insecurity expert Clancy Harrison about childhood food insecurity and affordable food.
Food assistance is a hand up, not a hand out. -Clancy Harrison, MS, RDN Click To Tweet

What You Will Learn:

  • The difference between child hunger and food insecurity
  • The rate of food insecurity in children in the United States
  • The nutritional, social and emotional consequences of food insecurity
  • Common misconceptions around food insecurity
  • The stigma associated with food assistance programs
  • How to fight hunger with dignity
  • The myriad food assistance programs available to kids
  • The many barriers to participation in food assistance programs
  • Ways to make affordable meal planning the norm
Poverty in the US is more situational than chronic. -Clancy Harrison, MS, RDN Click To Tweet

What We Cover:

  • How Clancy and I met
  • How she became involved as a Food Pantry Director, which ultimately took her to Congress
  • How Clancy was blinded by her own privilege
  • How demonizing food strips away the dignity of food
  • How we talk about food as a society is harmful
  • Clancy’s wish list for changes in food assistance programming
  • High nutrient foods that are affordable
You cannot eat a nice car. -Clancy Harrison, MS, RDN Click To Tweet

Links Mentioned in the Show:

Clancy’s website
Clancy’s TedX talk about hunger

Follow her onĀ Facebook:Ā Clancy HarrisonĀ &Ā Twitter:Ā ClancyCHarrison

Click below for Clancy’sĀ free meal planning course with meal plans andĀ the affordable, nutrient-rich food list.
Instant Access to Affordable Food Lists & meal plans

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