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Kids Won’t Eat (Here’s What You Can Do)

child won't eat

If your child won’t eat, this show is for you!
One of the most frustrating things for a parent is when kids won’t eat. We hear a lot about overeating, but what about when your child won’t eat enough or a healthy balance of foods?
There are reasons kids won’t eat, and it’s not always because they don’t like the food that’s offered. In this episode, I look at some of the most common reasons kids won’t eat.
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What You’ll Learn about Kids Not Eating:

  • Why the rate of growth affects appetite, and how this can show up as “not eating.”
  • What is adiposity rebound
  • Why erratic and finicky eating is part of toddlerhood, and what you shouldn’t do about it
  • How pressure and nagging can contribute to not eating, but also overeating
  • Why you should expect, to some degree, food allergies to interfere with eating
  • Whether your child might be a supertaster
  • How sensitivity to food texture or other characteristics can get in the way of eating
  • Why snacking can deter eating at meals
  • Whether disordered eating is real or just an experiment
  • Why a full schedule can impede eating
  • The importance of digging deeper to find out why your child isn’t eating
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What I discuss in this episode:

  • My experience with my own child not eating (and the why behind it and my solution)
  • The difference between a typical phase and something more serious
  • When to sound the alarms and get help, and when to ride it out
  • What to expect with growth and weight gain
  • How to avoid making things worse

Links I mentioned in the Show:

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12 Reasons Your Child Won’t Eat
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