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Teen Talk: Helping Daughters Communicate with Nicole Burgess

teen talk

Teen talk –a tricky topic when it comes to raising good communicators. Why? Communication can shut down, become dysfunctional, or send unintended messages, especially in the teen years and with the job of parenting.
Communication is a life skill, yet modes of communication are rapidly changing from face-to-face dialogue to face-to-screen chatting. Raising a good communicator is a challenge.
In this episode, I speak with Nicole Burgess, a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist and creator of the Launching Your Daughter Podcast, about raising daughters who are strong, assertive and good communicators.
Not an easy task!
Listen in for the inside scoop on what it means to be a good communicator, how to coax teens who are giving you the silent treatment to talk, and ways to encourage open communication, including managing social media.
A parent's language and choice of words when talking with their teen daughter is vastly important. Nicole Burgess, Launching Your Daughter Click To Tweet

What You Will Learn:

  • The signs of a good communicator
  • How to communicate with your daughter effectively
  • The difference between being assertive and being aggressive
  • How theĀ societal message to girls ofĀ “be polite” is a disservice to them
  • How to handle concerns of teen girl’s weight and eating
  • Why your language and words are vastly important to your daughter
  • How to handle any potential parent-child relational damage
  • What to do if your teen shuts down and refuses to communicate
  • Why honoring your teen’s autonomy is essential to communication
  • Why it’s important to share your own imperfections
  • Family meetings and how to construct them
  • The difference between family meetings and family mealtimes
  • How social media affects communication
How you talk about food, your weight, eating and other nutrition topics turns into the language in your daughter's head. @nburgesslmft Click To Tweet

What We Cover:

  • What holds girls back from being assertive (& why assertiveness is often interpreted as aggressiveness)
  • Fear of parental disappointment
  • “Be polite” and “perfect” are damaging messages
  • Why the challenges for girls are different that those of boys
  • The outcomes of not being able to communicate with a trusted adult
  • What parents can do to encourage communication
  • Asking for discussion rather than engaging in an argument
  • Negative communication about meals, food, bodies, etc mayĀ alter a teen girl’s self -talk
  • The kitchen is a natural place for open communication
  • Impulse control and how that intersects with social media use

Links I Mentioned in the Show:

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Launching Your Daughter podcast
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