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Should You Ask Your Child What He Wants to Eat?

How to Raise Middle School Girls Who Eat School Lunch
Giving a child a choice about what they want to eat can generate a healthy interest in food from a young age that lasts into adulthood, but can it have a negative impact? Well today, I’m talking about when these kinds of open-ended questions around food become unhelpful.

What do you want to eat? On the show this week, I’m talking about how your child processes this question, how it serves them, how it does not, and what alternatives there are to such open-ended questions.

“When did we, as parents, decide it was a good idea to let our kids make the main food decisions, or to even make food decisions at all?” Click To Tweet

I have recently been engaged in some conversations about a previous episode – The Number One Way to Stop Picky Eating: Don’t Ask! It became clear from the mixed reactions that not every family has the same experience when trying to curb this behavior. I hope this episode sheds some extra light on this subject and helps ease some of the difficulty around meal times – which can be stressful enough as it is.

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What You’ll Learn from this Episode:

  • Why open-ended questions can be helpful.
  • 4 reasons for open-ended questions becoming an issue.
  • Why our kid’s food opinions are not well-informed, no matter how indignant they are.
  • How picky eaters actually become bored with food.
  • What long-term disagreements these open-ended questions can lead to.
  • Why it is not your place to compromise around mealtimes.
  • How to deal directly with picky eaters without open-ended questions.

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The Nourished Child podcast #62: How to Raise Middle School Girls Who Eat

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