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Raising Plant Based Kids with Plant-Based Juniors

Plant-Based Juniors (PBJs) founders Alex Caspero and Whitney English are joining me in this episode to talk about raising and feeding plant-based kids.

Alex and Whitney share their experience on how they got into nutrition and plant-based eating. They also define what plant-based eating is and its benefits to the health and taste preferences of kids.

The founders of PBJs explain the benefits of being more plant-based for children, such as lowering cholesterol and hypertension levels and reducing the long-term risk of chronic disease.

Moreover, they discuss the importance of establishing early taste preferences for foods, especially vegetables. Kids who are more exposed to plant-based foods are going to become more accepting. 

Alex and Whitney talk about how a parent should be thinking about nutrition when starting with an infant. Furthermore, they advise what supplementation to give and when and why they should give them.

Learn how to raise and feed plant based kids with Alex Caspero and Whitney English of Plant Based Juniors.

They tackle the importance of consuming fat in the first two to three years of life. They share with parents which things to look for in supplements and what brands to use through their Plant-Based Juniors Supplement Guide.

No matter what type of dietary pattern you’re following, it needs to be appropriately planned.  It will take a little bit of effort. The PBJs founders share the watch-outs for nutrients of concerns for parents of toddlers, children, and teenagers. Moreover, they give their take on dietary guidelines for recommendations around plant-based eating.

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What You’ll Learn About Raising Plant Based Kids:

  • How Alex and Whitney Got Into Plant-Based Eating
  • What is Plant-Based Eating?
  • Advantages and Benefits of Being More Plant-Based
  • Establishing Early Taste Preference for Plants
  • Introducing Plant-Based Eating to Infants
  • Supplementation: What to Give and When to Start
  • Plant-Based Juniors’ Supplement Guide
  • Is It More Work to be Plant-Based?
  • Watch-Outs for Nutrients of Concerns
  • Dietary Guidelines for Plant-Based Eating Feedback

Listen to the Show:

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Raising Plant Based Kids with Plant-Based Juniors

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