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Fluids and Hydration for Sport


Fluids and Hydration for Sport is a one-hour video lesson that teaches the young athlete about hydration, including what to drink, how much, and how to spot dehydration.

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Fluids and Hydration for Sport

Young Athletes Learn What to Drink, How Much, and How to Spot Dehydration

Young athletes will learn how to manage hydration and choose effective, appropriate fluids for sport. In this lesson, the young athlete will learn:

  • The best hydration drinks
  • Why dehydration can rob the young athlete of a great performance
  • How much fluid young athletes need
  • To spot dehydration  
  • Several ways to check hydration status
  • Best criteria for choosing a sports drink
  • The lowdown on energy drinks and electrolyte drinks and how to manage them

This video lesson is part of the Eat Like a Champion full course taught by Jill Castle, MS, RDN.