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Transform Your Parenting and Feeding Triggers with Lynyetta Willis

Dr. Lynyetta Willis discusses being triggered by well-meaning family members when feeding their child and co-parenting from different backgrounds. 

Dr. Lynyetta Willis joins me to explore the concept of feeding triggers, how they impact our parenting, and what we can do to transform them. She is a sought-after speaker, family coach, author, and former therapist who helps frustrated families break free from Stable Misery®, so they can create more joy and live in harmony. She has spent the last 20 years helping individuals, couples, and families gain confidence as they cope with drama, heal trauma, and grow emotionally and spiritually.

We talk about the difference between being triggered and stressed, and how these relate to fear and anxiety. Dr. Lynyetta states they go together because of the stories we tell ourselves.

Well-meaning relatives can criticize, analyze and question our parenting decisions around food and feeding. Even if our elders or relatives are not physically present, they can still feed into these triggers and influence a child’s interaction with food. Dr. Willis links this to the nervous system. It naturally protects us, even around food, which is necessary for survival.

Dr. Willis’ P.A.T.H.S. Framework helps parents gain deeper awareness when they’re triggered or stressed about their child’s behavior. She emphasizes the importance of parents talking to friends or experts, such as therapists and pediatricians, regarding concerns about their child’s eating to relieve the pressure and allow them to heal from their stories and sensations.

We also delve into the growing cultural and societal pressure on parents to raise healthy, fit, and intellectual children. Parents should not be afraid to mute things and be clear and intentional about what they consume, such as who to listen to and where to get advice.

Lastly, Dr. Willis advises parents to stay on the same side of the net with their partner on any topic, especially parenting and feeding their children.

“Be aware of what you're going to say or do because of how that may impact your child.”- Dr. Lynyetta Willis Click To Tweet

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What You’ll Learn About Transform Your Parenting and Feeding Triggers

  • The P.A.T.H.S. Framework for Evolving Relationships
  • Distinguishing between being triggered and stressed
  • How relatives play into feeding triggers for parents
  • The pressure on parents in how they handle food with their children
  • Placing ourselves in the gap between our children and our relatives
  • The importance of communicating to someone regarding our own stories and sensations
  • How the current society affects parenting and raising children
  • Taking social media breaks and being clear about our triggers and sensations
  • Working as a parenting team to help your child understand the importance of having a good relationship with food

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Transform Your Parenting and Feeding Triggers

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