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Family Feeding Tips During COVID-19

Sheltering at home with kids? I’m sharing feeding tips while at home (and beyond) during the coronavirus pandemic.

I thought it was appropriate to record an episode on our collective new reality and how we can continue feeding our families in the best way possible during this unusual and disruptive time. 

Family Feeding Tips During COVID-19

I am now in the third week of having all four of my kids back home, and that means more mouths to feed, more groceries to buy, and more cooking.

Check out my cooking endeavors! I’ve perfected a Pulled Pork in the Crock Pot, Rutabaga Mash and Honey Wheat Bread in the Bread mixer.

And if I’m being honest, combining all of this with the general sense of uncertainty and anxiety that comes with this, mealtimes are sometimes stressful.

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Join me on the podcast this week as I offer up some tips on food safety, anxiety, and some philosophical observations about how I’m dealing with mealtimes.

A lot of what I’m sharing isn’t new information, but sometimes, we just need a little reminder of the fundamentals to keep us in check.

"Let's make do with what we have. Let's try to be as balanced as we can, but let go if it's not 'perfect' and focus on being together with our family." Click To Tweet

The Feeding Tips You’ll Learn:

  • Beware of misinformation on food safety; learn about the information I choose to follow.
  • How my definition of a “perfect meal” has changed in light of the current crisis.
  • What you can do to minimize food waste, thus minimizing time out of the house buying groceries.
  • How I’m trying to nourish the concept of connection during mealtimes, rather than focusing solely on nutrition.
  • How I’m dealing with the emotions and discomfort that has arisen from this crisis.

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