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Feeding Picky Eaters Is Hard with Shira Gluck

Feeding Picky Eaters Is Hard with Shira Gluck
This episode, I’m welcoming Shira Gluck; a registered dietitian and a mom to help me launch a new segment on the show called Let’s Get Real! I’m showcasing the challenges and successes of real parents regarding nutrition. Hopefully, you will see that you can overcome the difficulties we all face when feeding our children. Shira is here today to specifically talk about feeding picky eaters.

As a full-time mom of three selective boys, she used her training as a dietitian and managed to make food into a more positive experience for her sons and herself! She still finds time to see clients on a case-by-case basis and is passionate about helping people achieve their full wellness potential in wholesome and sustainable ways.

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Shira knows first-hand how hard it can be to deal with picky eaters. Despite her background, when it came to feeding her firstborn, it really hit her how unprepared she was.

Join us in our conversation and hopefully alleviate some of the pressure of feeding picky eaters. You are not alone and this show is packed with great advice on the ups and downs of feeding our children.

What You’ll Learn about Feeding Picky Eaters:

  • Shira’s first experiences with her son’s picky eating.
  • How all children are different and how to find your approach.
  • The seemingly irrational things we try when feeding picky eaters.
  • Shira’s advice for getting through the first year of eating solids.
  • Why your child needs to want to eat to make progress.
  • How to take the pressure off your child at mealtimes.
  • Which approach Shira learned that changed everything.

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