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The Best of Feeding Young Athletes

Jill Castle explores low energy availability (EA) and RED-S, including recent research about how it impacts the young, growing athlete.

As any parent of a young athlete knows, proper feeding and nutrition are essential for optimal sports performance. Many people think that athletes only need to worry about their physical health, but what they eat affects their performance just as much as their physical training does.

When our children are involved in sports, we want them to perform to the best of their abilities, focus, and have the energy they need to succeed. But being a young athlete is a demanding job.

Constant training can take a toll on the body. For growing bodies and minds, proper sports nutrition is necessary to replenish energy stores, build strong bones and muscles, and provide the nutrients the body needs to recover from workouts.

There are a few key things to keep in mind for sports nutrition for young athletes. But with so much information, it can be hard to know what’s truly best for our kids.

In this last episode of my summer series, ‘The Best of Summer,’ let’s explore some of the latest nutrition science and our relevant previous episodes to help you make informed decisions about what to feed your young athletes.

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What You’ll Learn About The Best of Feeding Young Athletes

  • An updated narrative review on the relative energy deficiency in sports (RED-S)
  • Low energy availability (EA) as a factor in poor sports performance
  • Emerging research on low energy availability for male athletes
  • Why kids need a high protein breakfast
  • The five nutrition myths that kids hear about sports and nutrition
  • The evolution of sports nutrition and eating like a champion

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