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Differently Wired with Debbie Reber

The nourished child podcast #68: Differently wired
Ensuring your kids have proper nutrition is a pain point for many parents, and can make many of us question if we’re doing things right. This week’s guest has experienced nutritional challenges with her own son, but has a novel and liberating perspective on how we should parent through such challenges — especially if our child isn’t developing neurotypically.

My guest on this episode is Debbie Reber, an accomplished author, podcaster, and mother of a differently-wired son. Debbie has always been one to create what she can’t find out in the world, whether that be books for teenage girls or her more recent venture: a community for parents raising children with neuro-differences. Debbie has also recently authored a book on the subject, Differently Wired: Raising an Exceptional Child in a Conventional World.

“It's not 'how do we change our child,' but 'how do we change our lens on this experience.' You have to let go of the vision you had of who you should be as a parent.” - Debbie Reber Click To Tweet

Don’t miss this fascinating conversation about how raising a child with a neuro-difference affected Debbie’s perspective on education, nutrition, and parenting. Debbie isn’t just honest about the challenges of raising a neuro-atypical child; she also highlights the incredible gifts and opportunities that these children have to offer the world if we can help them thrive.

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What You’ll Learn about Differently Wired:

  • How moving to the Netherlands helped Debbie question aspects of parenting that she might have left unchallenged if she’d stayed in the US.
  • Why the US school system does not serve children with neuro-differences well.
  • What Debbie means by “differently wired” and why she prefers the term to others.
  • Why Debbie launched TiLT, a podcast and community for parents of differently-wired kids.
  • The variety of strengths and gifts that children with neuro-differences can have, and why it’s so critical to highlight them.
  • Some of the challenges and triumphs Debbie’s family has had as her son has grown up, including around nutrition.
  • Why letting go of an idealized vision of yourself as a parent can help your child thrive exactly as they are.

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