Child Temperament & Eating [Mary Sheedy Kurcinka]

I am joined by bestselling author, internationally recognized lecturer, and parent educator Dr. Mary Sheedy Kurcinka to discuss child temperament and eating.

Dr. Mary describes child temperament as a natural first reaction to the world around us. There is a biological, genetic underpinning to it.

She shares that temperament is apparent even in utero and at birth, and understanding temperament can impact infant-parent relationships. In addition, she discusses the importance of recognizing cues quickly and taking action on them to keep babies calm enough so they can feed or sleep.

She also explains that each temperament type has its strengths and challenges. And there are cues to watch out for when dealing with these types of temperaments.

Understanding temperament helps parents understand their children. She adds the importance of reframing terminologies and how it impacts parentsā€™ views on their childrenā€™s temperaments.

Dr. Mary advises us to trust our children and allow them to show us what they need. Using temperament helps children understand why they respond the way they do and what skills help them become successful in those situations.

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What Youā€™ll Learn About Child Temperament and Eating:

  • How Dr. Mary Got into Parenting and Temperament
  • What You Need To Know About Spirited Baby
  • Different Types of Temperaments
  • Why Predictability and Persistence are Important
  • Benefits of Understanding a Childā€™s Temperament
  • Medical Factors in a Childā€™s Temperament
  • What Dr. Mary Learned about Temperament and Children in Her Career
  • Why Reframing Terminologies Matters
  • Tips for Parents About Temperament

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