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5 Barriers to Healthy Eating Every Family Faces

barriers to healthy eating

This podcast was done in partnership with Simple Mills. All opinions are my own.

The upcoming school year is always an opportunity to start anew and set healthy living goals for the year. However, it can be extremely challenging to keep up with your goals of having a healthier diet for your family.

With all the different schedules, needs and personalities we manage in our families, it can seem daunting to set those all-important goals if we don’t think we will reach them.

On today’s show, I want to share some wisdom about overcoming barriers to healthy eating. Making time, learning new recipes, and other strategies can be crucial for reaching our family goals while cooking efficiently and budget-friendly.

As we talk about the 5 main barriers to healthy eating, we can learn to accommodate all the different wants and needs of our families.

Join in as we talk about the solutions to school year eating problems so we can make this year the best one yet for you and your family! And be sure to listen to episode #92 where we talk about dinnertime solutions with Catherine McCord of Weelicious and One Potato!

“Research shows that the presence of one adult or caretaker is beneficial to kid’s emotional, mental and physical health, so if you have 'fractured family syndrome,' figure out a time (hopefully around meals) you can all be together.” Click To Tweet

What You’ll Learn About Barriers to Healthy Eating

  • The 5 reasons why we tend to give up on our dietary goals.
  • How to overcome these barriers to eating healthy as a family.
  • Where we can find time and energy to make eating well a priority.
  • Individual solutions to our biggest problems with food.
  • How to avoid “fractured family syndrome” due to busy schedules through family meals.
  • Strategies for managing the vastly different needs of our family members.

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