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A Solution for Family Dinnertime with Catherine McCord

Dinnertime solution

As parents, we all struggle with balancing the needs of our children, our time constraints, and budgets. By now, you’ve probably heard how important it is to have time as a family over mealtimes. In fact, coordinating meals together can set your children up for a lifetime of dietary success. So, how do we make sure that family dinnertime is as successful as possible?

Today we have author, blogger, and Food Network personality Catherine McCord to talk about finding time for family dinnertime and raising healthy children. A mother and a business owner, Catherine talks about her experience with food blogging, parenting, and her new service, One Potato, that helps parents bring nutrition and enjoyment to eating.

Listen in to our conversation and learn about how you can manage your health, and your children’s health, to be the best parent possible.

“I created a company around my own problem, which is I didn’t have any time, I was trying to save money, and I wanted something my entire family would eat, no matter if they were my husband’s age or my smallest child’s age.” -Catherine McCord Click To Tweet

What You’ll Learn About Family Dinnertime :

  • Catherine’s experiences with navigating parenting and nutritional challenges.
  • How to solve nutritional and picky eating problems you run into with your children.
  • What One Potato is and how it can engage your children in the food prep process.
  • How to incorporate your children with cooking and avoid ‘food fights.’
  • Ways to manage your needs while providing for your kids.

Listen to A Solution for Family Dinnertime :

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