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Weight Gain in College with Joan Salge Blake

Dr. Joan Salge Blake is here to talk about the transition to college and bust some myths about weight gain in college.

How Weight Gain in College Happens (& What to Do About It)

As many kids start their college career, whether at home or on campus, the reality of managing one’s own eating is all too real. From navigating all the tempting food options to regulating physical activity and sleep, young adults in college have a lot to sort out as they leave the nest or simply take on more independence on the home front.

Dr. Joan Salge Blake is a clinical professor, Registered Dietitian, and author. She’s a professor at Boston University and has received the 2020 Media Excellence Award from the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics. Joan hosts the Spot On! Podcast which covers the latest media headlines and provides accurate and usable health and wellness information geared towards current or soon-to-be college students.

"It takes a village to raise a child. If you saw a child who fell down and was bleeding, you’d go over and help. Many of us college professors are looking and watching and doing the same for these students because that’s somebody’s child." ~ Dr.… Click To Tweet

Tune in this week to learn about life on campus and the reasons that students experience weight gain in college. We’ll discuss the range of support services available to support students with their adjustment to adult life, and the most important things for them to focus on when they start college.

College isn’t just about the academic classes or party scene, there are some great quality resources for both kids and their parents to go to if they’re nervous about the transition. Our college students have nobody to tell them what to do anymore, they have to make decisions for themselves!

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What You’ll Learn about How Weight Gain in College Happens:

  • Why students gain weight.
  • What the Freshman 15 is and why it’s not necessarily true.
  • The role of stress and anxiety for college kids.
  • How to be healthy in college and prevent unwanted weight gain.
  • The usual problems college students face.
  • How to avoid eating disorders.
  • How to prepare your growing children for college.

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