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The Toll of the Disease of Obesity in Teens with Ted Kyle

Teen obesity is a very tricky topic for some of us to talk about even as healthcare providers, especially when it comes to treatment.

And because of that, we are so lucky to have Ted Kyle on the show this week to share his practical, humane, empathetic approach for parents and healthcare providers alike when treating obesity.

The Toll of Teen Obesity

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Ted Kyle is a pharmacist and health innovator based in Pittsburg, Pennsylvania, and he’s also a tireless advocate for people living with obesity.

Ted’s newsletter reaches over 15,000 thought leaders in health and obesity, and I highly recommend checking it out. I met Ted at a conference recently and I just knew he was someone you all needed to hear from.

potential contributors to obesity, The Toll of Teen Obesity

Tune in this week for an insight into why tackling teen obesity is such a tricky subject and why a lot of the approaches taken historically, like blaming parents and children, haven’t had any positive impact.

Ted is sharing the challenges facing children and families dealing with obesity, and how they can actually be supported.

"Obesity is not a choice that people make, but a condition that people inherit. Genes set the table for obesity, and then the environment serves it up by triggering that susceptibility." – Ted Kyle Click To Tweet
The toll of teen obesity and the genetic lottery of life

What You’ll Learn about Teen Obesity:

  • How Ted came to take an interest in the treatment of obesity.
  • How to understand what people with obesity go through.
  • Why obesity is not a choice, but a condition that people inherit.
  • How environment can impact people who are genetically predisposed to obesity.
  • Why shifting trends in nutrition haven’t changed the trend of teen obesity.
  • How restriction as a means of diet control backfires.
  • The biggest challenges that children with obesity and their families face.

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