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Nutrition Books for Kids with Shannon Morris

nutrition books for kids

I’ve had so many parents ask about age-appropriate nutrition books for kids, so we will be reviewing some of them here on the podcast today. Books are a great gateway for our children to learn about nutrition in an engaging and non-pressurized way, which I believe is the best way to get the younger members of our families more involved and making better and more informed choices.

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On the show this week we have registered dietitian Shanon Morris: author of MC Veggie Fresh Rocks the Mic, a fun way of introducing our children to the world of nutrition without then having to try to understand a lot of the complicated and conflicting information out there. I also have an extensive reading list of wonderful resources for children that I have compiled to make this information more accessible, and eventually more intuitive for them.

Tune in this week for a wealth of resources that will help the whole family really get involved with making conscious decisions around food. I’m also sharing details of a workshop to promote healthy, happy family mealtimes.

“It's amazing to see how quickly they can learn new information, and not only learn it, but teach it to other children and their parents at home. It's cliché, but they're the future of food, if you ask me." – Shanon Morris Click To Tweet

What You’ll Learn about Nutrition Books for Kids:

  • Why the books I’m sharing today are such a useful and empowering resource for children.
  • How we can equip our kids with the tools they need to cope with stress around health and nutrition.
  • What Shanon wants to achieve through her book.
  • How the idea of MC Veggie Fresh developed and became the book it is.
  • The importance of the storyline in Shanon’s book for keeping kids engaged and making the information relatable.
  • How parents can make the kitchen a less daunting place for younger kids.
  • What does not work when trying to teach children about nutrition.

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