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Healthy Bone Growth in Kids with Taylor Wallace

bone growth

At a time when rates of osteoporosis are climbing and the consumption of calcium and vitamin D are suboptimal, the question of bone growth in children is a natural one.
How do we ensure children are developing healthy bones during childhood?
How do we prevent osteoporosis and set kids up for a future of strong, healthy bones?
In this episode, I dig into these questions and more in my interview with Dr. Taylor Wallace.

What You Will Learn about Bone Growth:

  • How healthy bones are formed during childhood
  • What peak bone mass is
  • How to maximize peak bone mass
  • Why rates of osteoporosis are increasing in America
  • Actionable steps to help encourage healthy bone growth in your child
  • The role of calcium, vitamin D and other nutrients in bone growth
  • Effective food patterns and their role in bone growth and development

What We Cover:

  • Bone growth for boys and girls
  • The role of protein in bone health
  • Why peak bone mass is so important for bone growth and bone health
  • When peak bone mass is achieved
  • The shocking statistics of osteoporosis and what that means for you and your child
  • Best foods for bone nutrients
  • The role of calcium, and in particular, dairy foods versus plant foods
  • The controversy around calcium recommendations

Links Mentioned in the Show:

Dr. Taylor Wallace’s website
The National Osteoporosis Foundationā€™s position statementā€Øon peak bone mass development and lifestyle factors: a systematic review and implementation recommendations by Weaver et al. 2016
The National Osteoporosis Foundation’s website
Dr. Taylor Wallace on Facebook
Dr. Taylor Wallace on Twitter
The Calcium Handbook: Over 100 Ways to Grow Healthy Bones
Pumpkin Bread recipe
Family Mealtime Rules to Live By (FREE DOWNLOAD)

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