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Food Dignity: A Lesson in Facing Blind Privilege

Hunger is still an issue for many children and families during the pandemic. What we’re seeing now is exactly what was happening before, except it’s no longer a hidden health crisis. The word ‘hunger’ has such a stigma attached to it, but we need to step back and learn more to help people the way they need it. It’s a conversation we really need to be having.

Clancy Harrison returns to the podcast this week to discuss why issues like hunger, poverty, and food equity are front and center right now, and why anybody can help in the fight against hunger. We’re talking about food dignity, blind privilege, and how we can all face our assumptions about food insecurity.

Food Dignity: A Lesson in Facing Blind Privilege (& Hunger)

Clancy is a Registered Dietitian, TEDx speaker, and international speaker and author who challenges the way food insecurity is approached in the U.S. Her mission is to fight hunger with dignity and demolish the stigma around healthy food access. Through her work at The Food Dignity Project and in a local food pantry, she transforms the lives of thousands of people, and she’s here today to tell us more.

Join us on the podcast this week as we discuss how COVID-19 has affected food insecurity across the country and the work that dedicated humans are stepping up to do as a result. We share some great ways to raise awareness of food insecurity and discuss the ways food donations can relieve other life stressors for people, and why providing a helping hand while protecting the dignity of service users is crucial.  

There could be food insecurity next door to you, it is everywhere. It’s important to reserve judgment, recognize our privilege, and keep an open heart and mind to help those who need it. Food access should be a priority for everyone.

“Research shows that stigma associated with food assistance programs keeps people from getting the help that they need during a temporary crisis or hardship. When I saw myself in that problem, I had to make myself part of the solution.”… Click To Tweet

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What You’ll Learn About Food Dignity:

  • How COVID has shone a bright light on social injustice.
  • What blind privilege is and why we all have it.
  • How food pantry distribution has increased exponentially.
  • The challenges around having enough food to feel all Americans.
  • How generosity and community prevail in times of hardship.
  • How to help kids learn about hunger using The Hunger Banquet.
  • Why food donations can relieve other life stressors.

Listen to the Show:

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