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The Picky Eater Project with Natalie Muth

Feeding Picky Eaters with Dr. Natalie Muth, co-author of The Picky Eater Project

Feeding Picky Eaters

As parents, we feel a lot of responsibility to provide our children with nutritious food to boost their growth and development. But what happens when your child just won’t eat it?
Most children will go through a picky stage at some time or other, and that can make mealtimes super stressful for mom and dad. If you find yourself cooking multiple meals, or fighting a daily battle with your child to eat something other than hot dogs, then this episode is for you!      
Today, I had the chance to chat with my friend Dr. Natalie Muth. Dr. Muth is an MD and an RD, who specializes in pediatrics. She co-authored The Picky Eater Project with Sally Sampson and developed a six-week program to help parents with feeding picky eaters and work through the picky stages with their children.  
Dr. Muth believes that healthy living should be accessible to everyone. Through her philanthropy, healthy weight clinic, and her own pediatric practice, Dr. Muth merges together her extensive knowledge of nutrition and medicine to encourage parents and children to have a healthy relationship with food.
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On the show today, she will share her own food history, her weight struggles growing up, and the ways that her relationship with food has changed. We will also pick apart why picky eating habits develop and give you some strategies for feeding picky eaters, even winning tactics to try out on your pickiest kiddo!
It is an info-packed episode today, so let’s get started.  

What You Will Learn About The Picky Eater Project

  • Ways that I encouraged my picky child.  
  • Understanding the process of dealing with picky eaters, and what the most challenging issues might be.  
  • The psychology of food and picky eating at different stages.  
  • “Nothing New Before Two.”  
  • Parents can share control with eating habits to encourage picky eaters at all ages and stages.  
  • How the family meal can be a powerful tool against pickiness.  
  • Troubleshooting common challenges for picky eaters.  
Control what you can control, and then be ok in the moments where you can’t control. via @DrNatalieMuth   Click To Tweet

What We Discuss 

  • How Dr. Muth’s Well Clinic is changing lives in her community.  
  • Why The Picky Eater Project was started, and how the six week program works.  
  • The most common challenges parents face when dealing with a picky eater. 
  • Some of the best ways to encourage children to try new foods.  

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