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Recapture Your Family Health Goals in 2021

How can we recapture what has been lost or forgotten in terms of our family health? How can we get our families back to basics?

How to Recapture Your Family Health Goals in 2021

At this time of year, you may be feeling a strong urge to reset. We’ve all found different ways to manage this time in our lives, and you, my listeners, have asked for that topic for this week’s episode! After months in lockdown and eating at home, you’re telling me you want direction on how to get back on track and reset your family’s eating habits, sleep schedules, exercise commitments, and general life.

The year 2020 and the Coronavirus pandemic brought habits that many of us are now looking to shed. It’s an urge we’re already feeling.

Some of you may not be feeling good about where you’re at right now, and feel that you’re way off the mark in terms of eating and lifestyle habits. You may have been living with high stress, job uncertainty, and illness while trying to juggle childcare demands, more involvement with schooling, and more time around food. If you feel like this, I’m here to help you!

Join me this week as I’m sharing how to reset your family health habits and improve eating, sleep, exercise, and more. I’m focusing on the importance of connecting with your family and sharing 8 effective tips for recapturing your family health goals in 2021.

We’ve all been eating more at home for a while now; it is predicted that this will continue to be our norm. Let’s learn how to get back into a parenting routine that captures health, enjoyment, and good eating for all.

“There are a lot of emotions happening throughout this pandemic, it's been really hard. It's OK to take solace in food, to be comforted by food, and to enjoy your food, and it's OK for your kids to do the same.” Click To Tweet

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What You’ll Learn About Recapturing Family Health Goals:

  • How to ease back into joyful eating habits.
  • Some tips to establish positive habits around food for the entire family.
  • How to recapture some habits that have been on the slide.
  • Some easy-to-implement eating habits to help you get back into a routine.
  • How to encourage children to be more mindful and manage their anxiety.

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