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The Emotionally Healthy Child with Maureen Healy

emotional health

One of the major challenges of being a parent is constantly helping your child develop to be as healthy as possible. This involves juggling their physical, mental, social and emotional health, which can be quite overwhelming. Emotional health is particularly tricky to foster and requires a lot of practice.

On today’s show, we have the wonderful author, speaker, and child development expert Maureen Healy to teach us about emotional health and how to work with your child to be more emotionally aware. Maureen is an educator and psychologist who has written two awarded books on emotional health, created a global mentorship program, and has her own private practice.

Tune in to our conversation as we discuss the challenges and tools available for parents to raise healthy children in this day and age. Maureen has wonderful insights for curious parents into the world of child development and how to help your child become emotionally mature, confident and aware.

"You need to learn how to have a healthy relationship to your emotions and how they work so you can express them constructively and not get stuck." -Maureen Healy Click To Tweet

What You’ll Learn About Emotional Health:

  • The importance of fostering emotional health with your child.
  • 4 tools you can use to help your child develop emotional awareness.
  • How biological factors contribute to our emotion and how we can teach whole brain thinking.
  • How to understand and speak your child’s emotional language.
  • Identifying emotional eating and educating your child on proper nutrition.

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